Not just a travel company


JD Curations is a leading travel company that offers trans-formative experiences, cultural explorations and promotes personal growth & exposure.
Our experiences are curated to fit your personal and professional travel goals, passions and curiosity. We provide a concierge travel service that will eliminate the stress of planning and create a specialized dream experience just for you
 With over 6 years of experience assisting family and friends with planning their travel, JD Curations was officially registered as a business by Jemeia, the owner in 2020.  A few of the destinations include Punta Cana, Cape Town, South Africa, Puerto Rico, London, Paris, and Cancun Mexico.
JD Curations was created to offer individuals the opportunity to learn about other cultures, broaden their knowledge, and to interact with people from different parts of the world.
When Jemeia is not working she enjoys volunteering, spending time with family and friends and trying out new restaurants and wineries. 



JD Curations offers a variety of curated experiences through domestic and international experiences that connects you spiritually, emotionally, and helps you to engage in the culture of where you’re traveling. 

cultural explorations

JD Curations dynamic explorations seeks to provide knowledge and understanding by highlighting various cultures.

personal growth & exposure

JD Curations seeks to provide an opportunity for individuals to grow and expand through exposure by trying new foods, activities and stepping outside of their comfort zones.